meet Mike

While Mike was growing up in Hicksville, Long Island, he was always known as a young “go-getter”. He lives by that mentality with everything he does, whether it be architectural signage, family life or his favorite hobbies. Upon his graduation from the “Harvard of Long Island”, Hofstra University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Mike jumped head first into a life of SIGNAGE.

Mike Coyle | Principal
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D (631) 780 7046
C (631) 487 1686

meet Darrin

Darrin embarked upon a lucrative commercial real estate career during the recession of the early 1990s, after graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree from University of Delaware. While honing his “skills” through several different ventures, he yearned to get back to his true love, SIGNAGE.

Darrin Portnoy | Partner
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D (631) 780 7047
C (631) 921 2030

meet Joe

Even though Joe was raised on Long Island, he is a Brooklyn boy at heart. Not just because his last name is Scarfogliero, but because it’s on the Brooklyn streets where he saw his first billboard and his life was never the same. He saw the graphics and he was enthralled. He didn’t know at what level, but he knew he wanted to be around SIGNAGE.

Joseph Scarfogliero | Partner
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D (631) 780 7048
C (631) 487 2649